iTero® Dental Impressions
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Riverfront Dentistry is proud to offer patients a more comfortable, convenient, and patient-friendly alternative to the dreaded impression gel that is normally associated with dental impressions. The iTero® Intraoral Scanner allows doctors to take a 3D digital scan of a patient’s teeth and bite rather than using a viscous impression material. Not only is the iTero® Intraoral Scanner significantly more patient-friendly, but it also offers increased precision and eliminates the risks of gagging or swallowing excess impression gel.

Prior to many forms of dental treatment, a patient must have impressions taken of his or her existing smile in order to plan for the appropriate procedure or appliance. Traditionally, dental impressions were taken by inserting large metal trays and liquid plaster against the upper and/or lower jaw. The material sets to become an elastic solid, providing a detailed replica of a patient’s smile. This method is uncomfortable, time-consuming, and often not as accurate as the iTero® scanner.

Riverfront Dentistry is able to provide our patients with a non-invasive, five to ten-minute scan that digitally captures the form and structure of the tooth and gum line through a series of 3D pictures. This digital impression scanner performs parallel confocal scanning by capturing 100,000 laser points in perfect, sharp focus, providing greater accuracy to patients and virtually eliminating return appointments for readjustments. A new and improved digital map of the mouth helps our team educate our patients for a better in-office experience.

Benefits of the iTero Intraoral Scanner

  • Identifies the tooth by voice and visual commands
  • Aids in the creation of all types of dental restorations
  • Eliminates the need for coating teeth as well as the resulting gagging
  • Uses single-use imaging shields for maximum infection control
  • Offers adjustments in real time
  • Transmits the file wirelessly to the lab for further processing

This flexible digital impression scanner can be used for oral prostheses such as veneers, crowns, bridges, surface inlays, onlays, and implant abutments from single units to full arches. Patients are also able to view images of their dental treatments on an in-office computer display.

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